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Manage Payroll Processing with Ease

US Payroll helps you stay focused on your business by streamlining your payroll process, improving productivity, and simplifying administration. Employ our easy-to-operate, real-time, web-based solution- available anytime and anywhere. Effectively manage your time each payday, taking advantage of direct deposit, on-site check printing, and more. Get single-sign-on access and eliminate dual employee entry with seamless integration between timekeeping and payroll. Leverage our professionals to handle your payroll tax and avoid costly penalties and interest with timely and accurate local, state, and federal tax deposits and filings.

Personalized Service

Maximize your payroll system capabilities with personalized implementation training. Feel comfort in your transition with close communication and personal guidance. Gain a trusted advisor with live customer support for payroll processing questions.

Compliance and Security with US Payroll

Compliance Solutions- Staying current on constantly changing laws and avoiding costly fines and penalties can be difficult. US Payroll can help alleviate this administrative burden and reduce risk and expenses, allowing employers to focus on their business.

  • Payroll Processing and Tax Management
  • New Hire Reporting
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Wage Garnishment

Secure, Paperless Solutions- Virtually eliminate paper payroll delivery with options that allow employers to abolish paycheck printing, yet stay compliant with state regulations.

Down payments got you down?

As a business owner, eliminating a large down payment for your workers’ compensation insurance interest you? You know how important it is to manage cash fow on a day-to-day basis and that’s not always easy when you have to come up with a down payment that may be as much as 25% of the premium for your workers compensation policy.

Good news, US Payroll has a solution!

We offer a pay-as-you-go policy based on actual payrolls and one payroll period at a time. Your cash flow won’t be negatively affected by a large deposit premium or by premiums based on inflated payroll numbers from previous years. 

Enjoy These Benefts!

  • No large down payment
  • No fnance and billing fees
  • Improved cash flow
  • Help to minimize audit adjustments at the end of the policy period

Collect and Process Time with Ease

US Payroll’s solutions are designed to provide your organization with the level of control you desire.

  • Efficiently collect employee time with web-based options.
  • Apply real-time management with a supervisor dashboard, effectively keeping track of employee time.
  • Immediately access employee data online.
  • Eliminate dual employee entry with seamless integration between timekeeping and payroll.
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